RoboGames 2011 - The Mayhem Begins April 15th!

Some of you may remember a short lived television series by the name of BattleBots. It ran on Comedy Central of all places from 2000-2002 and was a serious TV obsession for me and many others during its time. Though that series disappeared awhile ago, fighting robot competitions haven’t gone anywhere and RoboGames 2011 is one of the largest competitions in the world.

This year’s RoboGames are nearly here with the 2011 competition heating up April 15th! You can buy discounted tickets for the event right now, there’s even a select number of VIP passes available for those of you who want to get in the “pits” and chat with builders, but you’ll have to drop $500 for the experience. Weekend tickets (15th-17th) will only set you back $55 which really isn’t bad for a weekend of robo-destruction.

RoboGames 2011 will take place at the San Mateo Fairgrounds in California. If you aren’t familiar with fighting robots or competitions like this, check out some coverage of the 2009 event in video after the break!

To some of us this is nothing new, but a flamethrower!? That is so awesome! We can’t wait to see what goes down at the 8th annual RoboGames. It will surely be all-out mayhem and we’ll fill you in with highlights as they come in.

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