Rob Dyrdek's Wild Grinders: 'Wild In The Streets' Episode 1!

With the new season of Fantasy Factory in full swing, another of Rob Dyrdek's creations are grinding towards a toy shop & TV near you  --  Wild Grinders! To celebrate, "Wild In  The Streets" the Web Series is launching to give you all  the scoop on  the latest news and deals from the world of Wild Grinders.

In  this  first webisode, Tracy Tubera, the artist behind Wild Grinders,  introduces the new Mattel Wild  Grinders toys & shows off the first-ever Wild  Grinders animated short, "Concrete."  Stay tuned to future "Wild In The  Streets"  webisodes to learn more about the toys, the animated series, and what new cool things the brand has in store!

Rob Dyrdek's Wild Grinders: Wild in the Streets: The Webseries: Episode 1

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