The Boys are Back in Town: Mezco Toyz South Park Classics Series 1

Cartoons and profanity are two things the people just can’t get enough of, and South Park being syndicated all over the airwaves and coming back for a 15th season on Comedy Central is proof of that! Like the animated series, Mezco Toyz’ line of South Park figures are coming back around in syndication-like waves of the fan favorite figures from the original line. Stick around while we check out Mezco Toyz’ figures from South Park Classics Series 1.

All three figures in the first series are constructed from what appears to be vinyl, while their accessories are constructed of a more rigid plastic. This gives them, along with their height, the same feel as a lot of designer art toys that we have from companies like Kidrobot and the Disney Filmation series. The figures are mostly molded in their appropriate colors, but where paint has been applied, it is very cleanly done. They each feature articulation (all swivels) at the neck, shoulders, and waist. Also, Cartman and Butters feature articulated eyebrows which lets you get a whole different range of expressions out of the little guys.

Butters has some nice accessories. He comes with his goalie mask, an extra set of arms, and a drawing of him with a robot (Cartman in disguise) as BFFs. The mask attaches to Butters by way of two elastic straps. This is actually a very high quality piece that is reminiscent of Hasbro’s G.I. JOE Sigma six line. That’s right, we just compare a South Park figure’s mask to that of Firefly’s. Check and mate.

Kenny comes packaged with an extra arm that can be ripped asunder in any form of violence your little black heart could desire. It even has a nice little piece of bone sticking out of the stump for added effect. Two rats also come in the blister with Kenny, cause something has got to eat the corpse, right? Right?!

Cartman is decked out with an extra set of arms, his cat “Mr. Kitty“, and the infamous alien probe. To show full show accuracy, Mezco has made the probe attachable to Cartman through a square notch cut in his back… his lower back. Hours of fun, people -- hours of fun!

All in all, these are fun toys and that’s all they’re meant to be. Sure they aren’t the most articulated, but we can safely say that they move just as much as their animated counterparts. If you like these little delinquents then hit up for more info on the line and how to order your sets today! Be sure to catch all new episodes beginning on Wednesday, April 27 at 10:00 P.M. on Comedy Central.

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