The Daily Geek: What Yoda And An Ewok's Baby Would Look Like, and More!

Have you heard of the one where Yoda marries an Ewok? Vintz at Threadless has submitted this very interesting interspecies pairing for approval:

Hmmm, I always though Gizmo looked familiar...

Firefly's Gina Torres has landed a new series from USA: Suits, a legal series which debuts June 23rd (via The Hollywood Reporter)

Warren Ellis has a new station ident art contest going on, and people are coming up with some really cool this psychedelic one by -3- :

A.C. Crispin is a familiar name with Trekkies, having written the fan-favorite Star Trek Pocket Books Time For Yesterday and Yesterday's Son. In a recent interview with, the author had some harsh words for the JJ Abrams big screen version:

"I’m going to be honest about that film. I saw it one time, and one time only, because it annoyed me. The acting was good. All of the young actors tapped to portray our heroes did a fine job. But the writing of the film seemed as though the screenplay writers had never seen the original Star Trek and had no idea what the characters portrayed by – especially -- Nichelle Nichols and Leonard Nimoy were all about. I found it completely unbelievable that Mr. Spock would have an affair with a junior office who was one of his students. That’s completely outside all military protocol and professionalism. I also didn’t believe that Uhura would throw herself at a superior officer like that."

 This cover for Fear Itself: Uncanny X-Force #1 is by Simone Bianchi and is smokin' hot! The book comes out in July.

And our video of the day is of the woman who provides the voice of Pikachu for Pokemon:


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