LEGO Tower World Record Broken In Brazil!

London got this whole thing started back in 1988 when they built the first record holding LEGO tower. Since then, places around the world have been chasing the record and 6,000 Brazilian LEGO fanatics have recently built one standing over 100-feet tall, breaking Chile’s previous record.

It took four days and 500,000 bricks to construct the multi-colored monstrosity and its recorded height is 102-feet and 3-inches! It’s so tall and skinny wires had to be put in place so it wouldn’t blow over in the wind. Honestly, in my opinion that’s kinda cheating -- when I built towers in the living room of my parent’s house wires weren’t allowed.

Tokyo, Munich, Moscow Toronto and Sydney have all held the record at one point and now it’s in the hands of Sao Paulo, Brazil. I don’t know about you, but I’d say it’s about time the U.S. jumped in - and there better be a Stormtrooper mini-fig on top when we do.

If you want to see what kind of craziness goes into building a record holding LEGO tower and get a sense of how tall this thing really is, head past the break for a video from The Telegraph.

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