8-Bit 'Mega Man' Keychains Available For Preorder!

Gamers that grew up with an NES in their home know Mega Man has been a source of joy and utter frustration for years. For some reason he is just one of those characters we can’t help but love and if you’re feeling a little blue after hearing news of Mega Man Universe being canned well, maybe these 8-bit style Mega Man keychains will cheer you up.

While the first set focused the attention on the good guys, this second edition puts all the villains we love to hate in the spotlight. Cutman, Iceman, Bombman; they’re all there for you to dangle from whatever you want. The set includes 9 total characters, one of which is Mega Man in his classic mid-air firing pose. Two of the characters are “secret” so you’ll just have to get lucky if you want to find out who they are.

Unfortunately, we can’t buy these collectibles individually. That’s right, we have to buy a full set of 9 even if we only want one. To make things even more disappointing, you don’t know which characters you’re going to receive. Even though the set comes with 9, and there are 9 characters this time around, you may still end up with duplicates -- what’s up with that?

Anyhow, head over to Ami Ami if want to pick some up. They will cost you almost $40 but you can get your preorder on right now. If you love Mega Man, or know geek who does, this would make a pretty great gift.

Who do you think the secret characters are? Sign in and share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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