Kaneda's Bike From Akira For Sale On Craigslist!

Akira is one of the most celebrated animated films of our time and that red motorcycle Kaneda tears through town on is so bad-ass I wish I had my own. Good news for those of you who feel the same way, looks like Kanye West had one built for a music video and it’s up for sale on Craigslist right now!

A complete one-off from bike-builder Eddie Paul, the resemblance it bears to the bike we see in the movie is remarkable. While it was originally meant to show up in Kanye’s Stronger music video, the footage of this bright-red ride was ultimately cut from the final edit. However, before it was shipped back to Mr. Paul, Kanye and the video’s producer took it upon themselves to throw their signatures on it.

The classic red body is made from thermal plastic and though it doesn’t run (or even have a motor) it was originally set up with an electric outfit making it both awesome and environmentally friendly. Apparently, its lack of power can be easily remedied. Anyone with the proper know-how would be able to throw a motor of their own in this tribute-cycle making them the coolest biker around -- at least in our opinion.

The best part of this build? Well, that would be the price tag. $4000 is all it takes to make this ride yours. Why is that so surprising? Well, I’m sure many of you remember the functional Lightcycles that hit the scene when Tron: Legacy was on its way to theaters. Those rides ended up selling for upwards of $50,000 -- kinda makes $4,000 seem cheap.

You can check out the Craigslist ad right here, though I would have to imagine a custom of this caliber is gone by now…

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