Elizabeth Mitchell Talks V...And Defeating Anna In A 'Worthwhile Bloody Victory'

MTV Geek recently chatted with the star of ABC's sci-fi show V, Elizabeth Mitchell, at WonderCon. Lost fans will also fondly remember her as "Juliet" -- though she admitted when she first appeared on the cult show, fans were initially tough on her. Fast-forward to V, where Mitchell plays Erica, the leader of the human rebellion against the aliens. She commented on the growth of her character since the beginning of the series:

"Everything Erica loves is dead...she's a completely different person, and she's slept with the person who has killed her husband. She's gotten so much more tougher...and she sort of dropped her moral center -- which I don't think is necessary to become a good leader, but it's the path she was on."

Mitchell also hopes Erica and evil alien Anna resolve their conflict in an all-out, drag-down fight...leading to a "worthwhile bloody victory."

WonderCon 2011: Elizabeth Mitchell Discusses V

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