Barnes and Noble Bringing Apps To The NOOKcolor!

Since its launch the NOOKcolor has been the “best buy” when it comes to Android tablets. Sadly, users don’t have access to the Android Market or email, making the device nothing but a Barnes & Noble eReader. Thankfully, a firmware update is changing all of that.

According to CrunchGear, as of April 8th B&N began taking app submissions from developers. Don’t get me wrong here, the Android Market (as far as we know) will still be absent from the $250 tablet. However, as any NOOKcolor user knows, B&N has their own store where we can purchase books and magazines. Presumably, this will also become the place to download and purchase apps.

If you think you’ll be downloading the same questionable apps you have on your current Android device, you’re sorely mistaken. Much like Apple strictly dictates what apps make it to the App Store; B&N has set up a review/acceptance program that all apps must pass through “to ensure the content is appropriate for the Barnes & Noble customer.” -- Sorry, no “Sexy Strip Quiz” for Nook users.

With its approachable price tag there are clearly a ton of devs aching to get their apps on the NOOKcolor, and B&N is doing their best to make it easy for them. Developers will have access to “a variety of tools and resources to accelerate the development of their apps” which is great news for us. The sooner apps are on the tablet, the sooner we can enjoy them.

Do you own a NOOKcolor? What apps do you want to see on the NOOKcolor? Are you excited about apps on Nook at all? Or, are you content with it just being an eReader? Hit the comments and share you thoughts.

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