Gyrocopter Concept Puts 'The Road Warrior' Model To Shame!

Gyrocopters aren’t anything new; they’ve been around for quite awhile. In fact, you may remember a nameless man flying one around, always appearing at just the right time in The Road Warrior. That movie came out about 30 years ago and since then not much has changed as far as gyrocopters go.

The beauty-of-a-gyrocopter you see in these images comes from a fellow by the name of Daniel Kocyba, and boy does it look cool. He says most of the visual inspiration came from modern sports cars and motorcycles which could explain the racing-style 7 near the base of the rotor blades.

Just a concept for now, Kocyba’s website says you won’t find any instrumentation on this bad boy. Instead, the pilot would get all their info via some sort of heads-up display right inside their helmet. (All I can picture is the imagery shooting across Tony Stark’s face in the Iron Man movies.)

The Fliege, as its known, is said to be very customizable, and not just from a visual standpoint. Most of these things from the Road Warrior days used VW motors to get up in the air but, with the advances in electric vehicle tech, Kocyba suggests replacing the classic combustion engine with a modern, electrical powertrain -- sounds good to me!

All gyrocopters look pretty cool and there’s no doubt it would be awesome to see a bunch of them zooming overhead one day. That said, I think we should all go buy gyrocopters and change the way we travel -- who's with me?

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