V Executive Producer Scott Rosenbaum Talks Project Alice...and Saving The Show!

Fan campaigns to save their favorite shows has become a familiar thing on the Internet...and in the case of Project Fringe Friday, it might have possibly helped that TV series get renewed for another season!


Well, fans are taking up a new cause: Project Alice, and saving their fave sci-fi show V. We caught up with V Executive Producer Scott Rosenbaum at WonderCon recently to chat about the show...and he was well aware of, and supportive, of Project Alice:

                                 WonderCon 2011: Scott Rosenbaum Talks Project Alice

"The V fans have been great so far, emailing the network, emailing the studio, Project Alice...it all makes a huge difference."

Project Alice on Facebook has over 3000 members so far, and is growing. The page urges fans to show ABC and Warner Bros. that they support V and want to see it renewed, and have made available an online petition that they can sign (as of this writing it has over 4,000 signatures). Project Alice also makes "fan bulletins" on YouTube to help spread the word:

Will the fan campaign Project Alice have the success of Project Fringe Friday? One thing is sure -- the fans are important. As Rosenbaum told us, "The fanbase means everything, because the reality is, you make these shows for yourself, and you make them for the fans -- and there is no bigger V fan than myself."

Check back in with MTV Geek on Monday for our interviews with V stars Elizabeth Mitchell and Marc Singer!

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