'Superbus' Goes 155mph, Please Keep Your Hands Inside The Vehicle!

Imagine a bus that could travel at a ridiculous 155mph. It would pick you up from your house and take you wherever you need to go and be the fastest way to get around. Not only that, it would be completely electric and very beneficial to the environment just like other mass transit services.

The Netherlands’ first astronaut, Wubbo Ockels, has plans for such a bus and this thing looks like it would be one hell of a ride. Getting passengers from point A to point B at speeds way over the speed limit -- entertaining you the whole way there. It’s not a very far fetched idea; in fact Ockels has already done test runs with what he calls the “Superbus.”

This thing is 50 feet long and 5 feet tall and it would provide a luxury ride complete with personal entertainment for each individual passenger. There are 8 doors on each side so you wont be bothered when others are entering or exiting the futuristic people mover and Ockels wants new lanes put in place specifically for the ultra-quick bus so it can hit top speeds without disrupting (or slamming into) other traffic. That’s right he wants it running full-throttle on the same roads we use everyday.

The Superbus is powered by nothing more than some lithium polymer batteries and the aerodynamic, full carbon-fiber construction will not only keep it fast but also very efficient. Unfortunately, things aren’t looking very good for the Superbus right now with the Netherlands government quickly losing interest. However, Ockels is hoping investors in Dubai will change all that and make his Superbus a real part of public transportation -- just make sure you keep your hands and any belongings inside the bus at all times.

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