Fans Choose Their Female Doctor Who!

Who would you choose to portray a female Doctor Who?

To celebrate the relaunch of SFX magazine with the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) on the cover, recently asked readers to vote on who they would choose for a female Doctor.

SFX voters chose Helena Bonham Carter as the best fit for the blue box with a 5% lead over second place. Carter is known for her unique roles and inventive style, and would certainly fulfill the quirky and peculiar side of the Doctor. Tamsin Greig (Black Books) was the runner-up, and would put an interesting spin on the Doctor’s comedic side. She guest starred alongside Simon Pegg in “The Long Game” from Season One of the new Doctor Who series. Emma Thompson rounds out the top three with her no nonsense attitude, and would present a refined Doctor.

Fans have often speculated about having a woman grace the TARDIS controls. After the introduction of River Song (Alex Kingston), many began to believe that she is a future Doctor. Steven Moffat basically negated this theory at the recent preview screening of Doctor Who’s Season Six. Joanna Lumley played the Doctor in a Comic Relief skit back in 1999, but it was a short-lived role. The skit also happened to be Moffat’s first on-screen Doctor Who story. Paul McGann, the Eighth Doctor, stated at the Armageddon Pop Expo in New Zealand in 2010 that he would have no problem with the Doctor becoming a woman and suggested Tilda Swinton as the perfect choice.

It would be interesting to see a female Doctor commanding the TARDIS. Perhaps she would have some strapping young men accompany her on her travels to shake things up. But would she still have an affinity for fezzes?

You can find more Doctor Who polls and the full list of results here.

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