Woodsy’s World of Star Wars: Farewell Poem to Lucasfilm’s Steve Sansweet!!

Ok so with the season finale of Clone Wars, I have some extra time on my hands and thought I’d write a little poem for the fabulous Mr. Steve Sansweet:

Goodbye Steve Sansweet
You will for sure be missed
And even though we didn’t meet
We wish you the best in galactical bliss

You took a converted chicken barn
And transformed it into Ranch Obi-Wan
You filled it with Star Wars collectible charm
Snapped your fingers and said “this property is done and done!”

You came on board at Lucasfilm in 1996
You met, you shook, you related, you wrote
you got worldwide Star Wars fan to mix
And authored 14 Star Wars books, to note

Now friend, the time has come for change
And MTV Geek thought wouldn’t it be nif
To send you off into the sunset range
With a little poem and a personal gif!

gif courtesy of MTV’s own Mister Gif!

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