Miss Your Gameboy Camera? Check Out This App!

Back in 1998 Nintendo released one of their coolest Gameboy accessories ever. It was our first digital camera and held a world record for the smallest digital camera during its time. Just a few days ago I was rummaging through some boxes and I happened to find it -- the Gameboy Camera! It was a blast from the past, unfortunately I no longer have a Gameboy compatible with it and that was a huge let down. Thankfully, a man by the name of Dave Smith has created the 8-bit Pocket Camera app which is clearly an homage to the Gameboy Camera of our youth.

The app is great for those of who want to relive the horribly pixilated four shades of gray photos we used to take and manipulate for hours on end. As soon as you open the app you’ll be ready to take a photo that emulates the Gameboy Camera perfectly.

Obviously, this is not an official Nintendo app and as such a lot of the Gameboy Camera features are not available. That weird Galaga-style mini-game where you could make the boss a photo of your face is sadly gone and you won’t have the “stamps” you used to turn your sister into an alien. However, there are features the original would have never dreamed of. Specifically, the ability to share your classic photography via Facebook and Twitter. Another great feature is the ability to use both your front and rear-facing cameras. The original Gameboy Camera swiveled so you could take photos both ways and it was a great move by Mr. Smith to include the must-have option.

You can find the 8-bit Pocket Camera in Apple’s App Store right now for 99 cents. It’s well worth the buck if you miss your first pocket-friendly digital camera. All we need now is a Gameboy Printer with AirPrint support and we’ll be good to go!

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