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Shocker Toys: Champion of the Indie Action Figure or Devil in Disguise? It seems that the fan community is split on the subject and any discussion (or review as we’ve found out) becomes a spirited debate on everything from the badassery of The Maxx to missed release dates. We at MTV Geek! do our best to just look at the product, and so far we’re happy with the figures and the diverse lineup Shocker provides. Even though we normally let the toys speak for themselves, at this year’s American International Toy Fair, MTV Geek! had a chance to talk with Shocker Toys’ Senior Partner Geoff Beckett about what offerings Shocker will be delivering in the coming months:

Toy Fair 2011:Geoff Beckett Talks Shocker Toys

As you can see, lots of action figures were on display from various lines. Our eyes were naturally drawn to their previously released Maxx figure. We can safely say that if Shocker were to re-release this figure as its own wave (as in cases full of only this toy), it’d still sell out at least once! Indie Spotlight Series 2 has been announced for a while, and the Tick figures from the wave and Mucus Tick (an idlehands.blogspot-exclusive) have already seen release. The rest of the wave consists of Dick Tracy, King Zombie, Ignacia, and our personal favorite – Jack Staff! Buying all of Series 2 will net you a mail-away Arthur figure that was sadly not on display during the show.  Series 3 of Indie spotlight were present, along with the news that the mail-away for the series will be a fully articulated horse that is in scale with the 6" line.  There was even talk of the option for Zorro AND Phantom versions.

The Golden Age Spotlight figures were shown in fully-painted form with characters such as The Daredevil (boomerangs for the win!), The Heap (almost the same scale as The Maxx), Dan Garrett (the original Blue Beetle), and The Arrow. Our favorite from this line was the Black Terror, mostly cause we’re suckers for skull logos!

Also, the first wave of 2 packs were also on hand. These consist of Captain Action & Madman (in his original duds), and Laserman & Zen the Intergalactic Ninja. How these characters were deemed to go together is beyond us, but the toys look good… especially Madman.

Overall, Shocker had a lot of nice product to check out. Regardless of what faults you find with the company, there’s no denying the potential Shocker Toys has in the action figure realm. This company is the best option for indie comic publishers to get their characters out to the public in a manner that can even begin to compete with the sculpt and articulation of the Big Two’s Marvel Legends and DC Universe Classics. For more info on the Indie Spotlight Series, check out!

Stay tuned to MTV Geek! for all your Shocker Toy and action figure coverage!

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