Sanford Greene Wants to Give You a 'Rotten Apple'

Writer/artist Sanford Greene (Star Wars Tales, Planet of the Apes, Deadpool) is in rarefied company as a contributor to Dark Horse Presents. His creator-owned story, "Rotten Apple" is being collected alongside the work of Paul Chadwick (Concrete), Neal Adams (Blood), as well as Robert Love, Patrick Alexander, and Carla Speed McNeil.

The four-part story starts in the June issue of the resurrected anthology series, and as Greene explains, it’s about a young woman who gains superpowers from the city in which she lives. The character brings to mind Jack Hawksmoor of The Authority, but curiously, enigmatically, even, Greene describes his story as a bit like both the film Dark City with a bit of classic philosophy mash-up anime Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Without having much in the way of details about the actual plot, to my mind this hints at a story with an element of misdirection with some misdirection embedded in its narrative. I’m guessing/suspecting, based on the references cited, that Greene might be drawing from the most prominent element of those two titles, in particular the “is-it-real-or-isn’t-it?” conceit of the Alex Proyas cult classic.

                                     C2E2 2011: Sanford Greene On Dark Horse Presents

The project came about thanks to the impression Greene’s work made over time on Dark Horse founder Michael Richardson with his art and pitches. Greene has worked with the publisher in the past, most notably on Jim Krueger’s Galactic as well as the Planet of the Apes series released in conjunction with the Tim Burton movie. Editor Scott Allie explains that stories like "Rotten Apple" and the DHP anthology format are attractive to the company right now because it hearkens back to their roots, because, he says “it’s just the foundation of everything we’ve done.”

Dark Horse Presents #2 including Greene’s "Rotten Apple" will be on shelves June 22nd.

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