Ray Fawkes, 18 People, and 'One Soul'

To hear it from the Oni Press PR, Ray Fawkes’ July OGN One Soul is something of an ambitious undertaking for not only the writer/artist but the publisher. The 176-page hardcover—written and illustrated by Fawkes and designed by Superspy creator Matt Kindt—is a journey through history spread among a disparate cast, visualized through a series of double-page spreads. Fawkes describes the story as that of “18 peoples’ lives, from birth ‘til death, told simultaneously.”

Fawkes is the writer and artist behind the Vertigo miniseries Mnemovore, illustrated by Hans Rodinoff, as well as a contributor to anthology collections like Flux and the recent X-Men: To Serve and Protect.

The diverse cast of characters is drawn from Fawkes’ own experiences as well as historical figures and subjects of his research. It’s a collection of individuals both rich and poor, male and female as they move through their live, learn, and possibly grow old. One of the characters Fawkes describes is a World War I pilot who learns to fly during the genesis of aerial combat; another is a thief growing up in the gutters of 19th century Amsterdam. Fawkes seems interested in the contrasts and comparisons between the characters—how their lives are affected by pivotal moments in history and the development of the human race.

                              C2E2 2011: Ray Fawkes Finds 18 Souls In 'One Soul'

Fawkes also has the second volume of his Possessions series of all-ages books coming this summer. The series is about a horrorible little demon named Gurgazon trapped in the body of an adorable little girl, and its attempts to kill the little old lady who likes collecting ghosts for amusement. The first book was about the ghosts attempting to break out of the house, while the second book finds them reconciling themselves to their new situation.

It’s called “The Ghost Table,” and it’s about a dinner party where Gurgazon attempts to terrorize the guests—because, according to Fawkes, “you can’t rely on ghosts to be good.” It’s colored in what Fawkes describes as black, white, and “baleful blue” during last month’s Emerald City Comic Con Oni Panel.

                                           C2E2 2011: Ray Fawkes' 'Possessions'

Fawkes also commented on the continued interest in and success of his collaboration with Cameron Stewart, The Apocalipstix, which follows an all-girl band that goes on tour after the apocalypse.

Fawkes has nothing but praise for Stewart, who in the past has collaborated with Warren Ellis (Transmetropolitan), Grant Morrison (Batman and Robin, Seaguy), and Ed Brubaker (Catwoman). “Everything I did was enhanced by working with Cameron—it was a fantastic experience.”

                                      C2E2 2011: Ray Fawkes Talks The Apocalipstix

You’ll get to see more of Fawkes’ work yourself when One Soul and Possessions are released this summer.


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