Bringing the Thunder: Hasbro Sword Spike Thor Review

On May 6th, Marvel’s Mightiest Avenger makes his thunderous debut in theaters! While Chris Hemsworth plays Thor in the film, Hasbro is making sure that you can get in on the action yourself with their line of movie-inspired Thor action figures and roleplay items. Today, we’re taking a look at Sword Spike Thor from their 3 ¾” line of figures; or as we like to him – Regular Badass Thor! This is the figure’s bio, which is really more about the humongous sword included with the figure:

Thor is the master of nearly every weapon in Asgard’s arsenal. The dwarves created Thor’s Power Sword to allow him to channel his otherworldly abilities and defeat any for that dares to cross his path. The unusual blade hums with divine might as Thor charges the internal spike with the power of his lightning.

Hasbro has carried on (from the Iron Man II figure line) their top notch sculpting for Thor. This figure features the Asgardian prince in his most iconic costume from the film… other than the soaking wet, ripped t-shirt which can ensnare women of Natalie Portman-like quality. Thor’s facial expression is that of extreme determination and has been captured to a tee, especially when considering the 3 ¾” nature of the line. All of the intricate designs that cover Thor’s armor have been painstakingly carved into this plastic effigy and the cloth areas have been sculpted to have the appropriate creases and wrinkles. His flowing cape attaches at the shoulders and hangs straight down his back. The folds on the shoulders match up down the length of the cape as well to give it a unified look. Thor has one of the best sculpts in the line, which makes sense seeing this is the guy most kids (and adults) are going to want for their movie-style Avengers roster.

Thor has a paintjob, that while not quite worthy of a god, is still very well done for a 3 ¾” figure of one. It looks like Hasbro has learned a few new moves since the Iron man II line, as Thor’s intricate armor patterns and detailing are painted with little to no slop whatsoever. No oddly placed tampos here, folks! The face is clean and the eyes have been painted perfectly. The head is molded in the blondish hair/beard color, so only the skin had to be painted. This was a smart move and keeps us from having to search through pegs and pegs of Thor for one with a nicely applied beard. The arms have been strangely molded in flesh color and then painted silver. While this isn’t too much of a problem, there are a couple of small spots around the shoulder hinge where this can be seen. Overall, Thor came out looking like a million bucks, but keep an eye out for the red detailing on the figure you purchase as some that we have seen vary from figure to figure.

Thor has a nice range of articulation that is more usable without the cape than with. He has a swivel/hinge neck, swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel/hinge elbows, swivel wrists, ball-joint torso, swivel/hinge hips, swivel thighs, double-hinged knees, and swivel/hinge ankles. Most of the joints move like a friggin’ dream, without any loose or sticking issues. Our only problem lies with the hips. The swivel/hinge, coupled with the high thigh swivel makes it tough to get enough pressure on them to have them rotate. This limits the full range of motion that can be achieved. Regardless of our bitching and nit-picking, this Thor figure is still capable of being posed any a myriad of ways… and by “posed”, we of course mean “played with secretly when your significant other isn’t watching judgmentally”.

Thor comes equipped with a couple of accessories. First up is the mystical hammer Mjolnir. While simplistic in design, it’s nice to see that the filmmakers kept Thor’s hammer true to its comic book roots. The toy fits in Thor’s right hand and he grips it a little too loosely; but, thanks to the strap on the lower handle, there’s no risk of it falling from his hand. Thor’s other weapon is the Power Sword (not to be confused with He-Man) and has a push button mechanism that when activated, causes the blade to pop open and reveal a translucent spike. According to the package, this is charged with Thor’s lightening, and we figure he stabs things with it like Frost Giants, evil cyborgs, his jerk-hole of a half-brother Loki, and anything else that can use a good stabbing. It roughly fits in his left hand, and for most adult collectors will end up in the bottom of a parts bin. However, the kids’ll love it!

If you can only get one figure in the entire Thor movie line, this is the one to choose. Thor is clad in his trademark look, and there are no action features to mar the sculpt or articulation. Plus, if you remove his cape, Thor looks to be almost in his Ultimate-style costume from the comics. Luckily, this puppy looks to be packed pretty heavily per case, so he shouldn’t be impossible to find.

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