Lex Luthor The Hero: Paul Cornell Talks About 'Superman: The Black Ring' Vol One

Only one writer can pull off a entire arc of Action Comics without Superman -- and starring instead the Man of Steel's arch-enemy, Lex Luthor! That writer is Hugo Award-nominated Paul Cornell, whose hardcover book (along with artist Pete Woods) Superman: The Black Ring Vol. One is hitting comic shops on March 30th and everywhere else April 5th. MTV Geek chatted with Cornell at C2E2 about Superman: The Black Ring, the upcoming Action Comics #900, his work on the TV show Doctor Who, and more!

Cornell explained to us the basic concept of The Black Ring, a story Cornell likes to refer to as "The Adventures of Lex Luthor" --

"It's the story of Lex Luthor as he's trying to put together a vast new source of power for himself. Lex Luthor is an interesting character because he's about an inch from being a superhero. He thinks he's continually saving the world from a terrifying super-powered alien. And in this story we put him up against a bunch of villains that are worse than he is!"

C2E2 2011: Paul Cornell On Lex Luthor, The Hero

Readers who miss Superman can check out the milestone Action Comics #900 on April 27th, which Cornell describes as "Superman arriving back at Action Comics, to reclaim his place at the head of the title from Lex Luthor...it's a gigantic battle between the two of them."

Cornell also talked to us about his work for Doctor Who:

"I've been a Doctor Who fan all my life! I became a television writer in case they ever brought back Doctor Who, I could work on it -- and hey, it worked!"

C2E2 2011: Paul Cornell Talks Writing 'Dr. Who'

The critically-acclaimed Lex Luthor saga by Cornell is definitely one you're not going to want to miss -- you can pick up DC Entertainment's Superman: The Black Ring Vol. One for $19.99 starting next week!

Official Press Release:

SUPERMAN: THE BLACK RING Volume 1 (DC Comics / 160 pages / color / $19.99 hardcover / March 30, 2011 comic stores, April 5, 2011 everywhere books are sold) written by Paul Cornell with art by Pete Woods and cover by David Finch and Joe Weems.

Over the course of Hugo Award-nominated writer Paul Cornell’s critically acclaimed take on DC Comics’ flagship title, ACTION COMICS, Superman has stepped aside as the series’ central character – only to be replaced by his greatest nemesis, Lex Luthor.

Cornell, whose career spans comic books, novels, and television (most notably, the Dr. Who series), has created a game-changing, intelligent, and unprecedented new take on the DC Universe’s most dangerous mastermind. Accompanied by stunning artwork from the mega-talented Pete Woods and featuring a special appearance by Sandman’s big sister, Death, SUPERMAN: THE BLACK RING challenges its readers to think: in a society where the hero takes a back seat to the villain, will evil finally triumph over good? And if so, what does that suggest about the times we live in?

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