The Daily Geek: Bigfoot Crosses The Street, Lightsaber Badminton, and more!

Have we finally solid video proof that Bigfoot really exists?!

"If you could have been there on that road and saw it live and smelled its horrid smell you would know that it had to be real. I know it brought cold chills to me when it looked just for a second at me and snarled or growled before it ran on up into the woods."

Q: Why did the Bigfoot cross the street?

A: Rrrrahhhhh!!!

For those who like their classic cartoons a wee bit realistic, here's "Spongebob Strangepants" by Mike Dubisch:

Are tales from the Whedonverse sexually conservative? Kyle Garret from PopMatters takes a look at the sexual politics of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, and Dollhouse:

"It is important to make the distinction between Whedon’s approach to relationships and his approach to sex. It is clear from his shows that Whedon would prefer to deal with serious relationships and the leave the casual kind alone. Aside from the obvious exception of Buffy and Angel, Whedon’s couples have healthy, if not vibrant, sex lives. In fact, those characters who exclusively engage in sex only when in monogamous relationships avoid sexual trauma altogether, creating the appearance that, in the Whedon universe, sex is only positive if it’s tied to a committed relationship."

The organizers of BarBot 2011, an event that features robot bartenders mixing drinks, recently sought and found funds on Kickstarter:

"We have a series of robots that desperately want to attend BarBot 2011 in San Francisco! Barbot, the sister event to RoboExotica Vienna, is the annual San Francisco Festival of Cocktail Robotics, celebrating technological culture and the man-machine interface, a conceptual art bar that involves stunning works of art that will make you a tasty drink.

These robots don't clean the carpets. What they will do is much, much better. Let your roommate do the vacuuming. These bots have got better programming on their mind."

...and your video of the day is a game of badminton played with lightsabers:


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