Chinese Fan Created A 'Transformers' Army From Scrap Metal!

Who doesn’t love giant robots? You’d have to be crazy not to have a soft spot for some kind of giant robot and a fellow named Yang Junlin from China happens to love Transformers. In fact, he loves Transformers so much he opened a factory named Legends of Iron and hired 10 workers to help him build the craziest robot sculptures you have ever seen!

The Legends of Steel team has done a remarkable job recreating some of the Transformers we’ve seen in the recent films. Using anything from old car parts to random sheets of steel, they‘ve recreated some of our favorite characters. Optimus Prime and Bumblebee are some no-brainer choices but, the sculptures that really steal the show are the Decepticons. My personal favorites are The Fallen, he looks awesome, and Jetfire, the Decepticon turned good guy from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Then there’s Megatron in tank form which just looks nasty -- like it could rip through a city with ease.

According to OddityCentral, this whole thing got started when Yang got out of the military. He went to some kind of metal art showcase and was truly inspired. It took about a year and Yang had the factory up and running. Over the years he's created over 1,000 sculptures and with how good these sculptures have turned out we’re excited to see what characters he tackles next. Whether it’s an original design or not, there’s no doubt it will be more of the same awesomeness. You can see some of their other work over at ZCool but first, head past the break to see some nice big photos of these geektastic Transformers scrap sculptures!





Megatron Tank

The Fallen

What do you think of this Transformers scrap art? Are you on your way to the junkyard to pick up some parts right now? Tell us about your geeky creations in the comments below!

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