Netflix Instant Will Lose Current Showtime Series This Summer!

Netflix recently made it clear they aren’t afraid to jump into the original content game and compete with cable networks like HBO and Showtime. Now that Hollywood and these networks know where Netflix stands, things are getting a little tense and Showtime won’t be offering up any first-run original series come summer.

According the Los Angeles Times, the CBS-owned network’s current agreement with Netflix is set to expire and Showtime has a new plan. Rather than letting Netflix stream shows that are currently on the air, like it has with Californication and Dexter, Netflix’s Showtime supply will be cut down to series that are no longer running -- The Tudors, for example, will stay. Also, fans of Weeds will not be affected by this deal as Lionsgate, not Showtime, owns the rights to the successful pot-dealing mom series.

This doesn’t come as much of a surprise. With 20 million subscribers, more accessibility than ever and original content on the way, Netflix is quickly becoming a real competitor for cable networks. And, Showtime isn’t the only one pulling series’. All those Joss Whedon shows you’ve been streaming -- Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse -- yea, they‘re going too.

Although Netflixers will be losing some great content, Showtime still sees Netflix as an outlet for syndicated shows no longer on the air -- I know, it still sucks. Another thing to look forward to is the truckload CBS content on the way. A few weeks ago we talked about the new deal with CBS that brings every episode of Star Trek you would ever want to see (again) and classic Twilight Zone programming to Instant Streaming. Episodes of Frasier, Cheers and even Twin Peaks will also be making an appearance! At least there’s some good news to help outweigh the bad.

What do you think? Is Netflix the next HBO or Showtime? Do those networks have reason to worry? Or, will all the tension just blow over? Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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