New Torchwood To Premiere on Starz on July 8th - And Some Promo Art!

Wonder when we’ll next get to see the over-sexed adventures of Captain Jack Harkness, and Gwen Cooper, the only surviving members of the UK’s most elite team of alien hunters? Then wonder no more, as Starz has pegged the US premiere date of Torchwood: Miracle Day for July 8th, 2011, at 10pm ET!

For those of you who don’t know what Torchwood is, it’s a spin-off of the long running British show Doctor Who (rearrange the letters in that title, and you get… Torchwood). Where Doctor Who follows an immortal alien goofing off in space and time, Torchwood was supposed to be the slightly more adult version of the show, featuring John Barrowman as… An immortal alien goofing off in space in time. But all sexy like. Barrowman’s ambisexual Captain Jack Harkness led a team who attempted to deal with alien threats – mostly in Wales.

Over the course of three series (spoiler time) most of the members of the Torchwood institute died or left, with the surviving members being Captain Jack, and Eve Myles Gwen Cooper. Gwen started as the naïve new member of the group learning the ropes, and left as a battle weary, married experienced alien hunter with a baby on the way.

The first three series all played on the BBC, with the last – superb, by the way – series Children of Earth seeming to finish off the series, with Captain Jack leaving Earth forever, and Gwen settling down to start a family. In the fourth series, titled Miracle Day, a group of American scientists and researchers work to find out more about the mysterious Torchwood Institute in light of a fantastic event: one day, no one on Earth dies. And then the next day, and the next. People get hurt, or sick, but with no one dying, the Earth will reach critical population mass in about four months.

Joining Barrowman and Myles on the new installment – a co-production of the BBC and Starz – are Mekhi Phifer (“ER,” “Lie to Me”), Bill Pullman (Independence Day, The Grudge) and, in an extended guest role, Lauren Ambrose (“Six Feet Under,” The Other Woman).

Will Jack and Gwen save the day? Will there be a little sexy sex time along the way? Will Bill Pullman look a little bored and deliver all his lines in a weird off-key monotone? I mean, yeah, probably. Also, we’re hoping that Lauren Ambrose is reprising her role from Six Feet Under. That would be fun.

Look for plenty more coverage of Torchwood: Miracle Day as we get closer to the premiere!

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