MTV Geek Interviews The Vampire Diaries Cast And Exec. Producer!

MTV Geek had a chance to catch up with The Vampire Diaries actors Michael Trevino ("Tyler") and Candice Accola ("Caroline") and Executive Producer Julie Plec at C2E2 last weekend, and they chatted with us about why the CW show is so popular and what we can expect next!

2011© WBEI. All rights reserved./Photo by M. Dinnerstein

 Plec filled us in on what's going on between Tyler (a werewolf) and Caroline (a vampire) so far:

"Last we left these two, they had developed a friendship...something pretty close. She helped him through his transformation, and he ran in fear when she was getting her butt whupped...and she's not going to forgive him for a while!"

Trevino sounded confident that The Vampire Diaries would return for another season: "We're finishing our second season right now, and I have no doubt we'll come back for a third." And Accola hinted that "no character is safe" on the show, which is part of why it has become such a hit with fans: "Every episode does have this huge shock moment...and at the end of the day, any character can go at any time."

Plec would love for The Vampire Diaries to spin out into other media, and commented on Joss Whedon's success with Buffy Season 8:

"A show lives on past its broadcast window on a other properties, in the comic book world. The idea that Joss Whedon was able to take Buffy and Angel and keep telling those stories for years after the show left the air -- I think that's amazing."

Is a Vampire Diaries comic book in the cards for the future? Will Caroline make up with Tyler? One thing is certain -- this show has a bright (and bloody) future ahead of it!

Check out our video interview with Plec, Trevino, and Accola below -- and stay tuned to MTV Geek for all your Vampire Diaries news!


2011© WBEI. All rights reserved./Photo by M. Dinnerstein

                                          C2E2 2011: Julie Plec Talks The Vampire Diaries

C2E2 2011: Julie Plec, Candice Accola And Michael Trevino Talk The Vampire Diaries Fanbase

C2E2 2011: The Vampire Diaries' Candice Accola And Michael Trevino Discuss Their Characters

 2011© WBEI. All rights reserved./Photo by M. Dinnerstein

2011© WBEI. All rights reserved./Photo by M. Dinnerstein

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