Venture Bros. Renewed For 2 Seasons, Longer Feature On The Way!

Now that the Venture Bros. Season 4 DVD and Blu-ray have landed on store shelves, Jackson Publick felt it was time to reveal the future of the show. According to post on his Live Journal page, the Venturverse will be back on Adult Swim for no less than 2 more seasons!

Apparently, Jackson and Doc began putting their ideas on paper about a week ago and they plan to have scripts ready for pre-production sometime in June! Jackson says the story ideas came way back when they were working on the season 4 finale and because they spent so much time talking about it on the season 4 commentary tracks they might as well come clean with it now, since we’re all going to know very soon anyway.

Not only are the next 2 seasons officially a go, their new contract also includes plans for a longer (60-90 minute) Venture Bros. feature! Unfortunately, Jackson didn’t reveal any details in regards to when this will air, what it will be about or if it will be televised or a straight to DVD release, but a Venture Bros. feature would be awesome so just be thankful it’s happening. There’s also a quick 11 minute short in the works that will air sometime this summer.

If this is too much good Venture Bros. news for you to believe at one time, head to Jackson Publick’s Live Journal and see for yourself!

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