The Daily Geek: The Most Scary Ad In The Entire World, Wonder Woman Baby-Sitter, and more!

After my sojourn to the wilds of Chicago for C2E2, I am back! Back, to give you the best of the geek internets. Let's just jump into this important notice from College Humor:

I had an irrational fear of Smokey the Bear as a kid, mostly due to this PSA ad, dubbed The Most Scary Ad Ever In The History Of The World:

Once seen, it cannot be unseen. In fact, I live so much in terror of this ad that I'm not even sure this is the right ad because I'm too scared to see the clip. But I suppose this ad set out to do what it was supposed to, as I became afraid of starting fires lest this faux-Joanna Cassidy/Smokey in drag chase me down.

Oh, and just in case you're calculating my age based on the date of the PSA, I actually first watched that clip as a youngster on YouTube. Which means I'm around...eight or so.

What with Frederic Wertham and the Comics Code and all, the 1950s were an unsually sedate period of time for everybody's favorite Amazon. Case in point:

You know what would have really helped Wondy during that period of time? Pants. Pants make all the difference.

Here's one for the Big Lebowski fans out there, from Dave MacDowell's upcoming solo show starting April 30th at the Thinkspace Art Gallery:

...and it's time for another installment of Masters of the Universe toy reviews with Dan "Pixel Dan" Eardley from Pop Culture Network:


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