Swappa Will Help You Sell Your Used Android Device!

Got an old Android device you want to get rid of? Are the people on Craigslist and eBay clueless as far as mobile products go? Well my friend there is a solution. A one-stop-shop specifically for Android users looking to sell or buy an Android device. A place where people actually know what they are dealing with.

Swappa.com is the place. This new online trading post is everything an Android owner needs when they are looking to buy or sell their “gently used" handheld. When you first hit the site you’ll see a list of the most popular devices with pricing and photos so you immediately know what you can expect to get or spend.

Unlike auction sites (eBay) that charge you a percentage of the money you get for your used goods, Swappa asks for a flat rate price regardless of which Android device you’re getting rid of. In fact, the $10 fee is charged to the person buying the phone and not the seller. Whether it's a rooted Droid Eris running Gingerbread or one of Verizon’s Droid X mega-screen smartphones, it‘s only $10.

To keep things fair, there are a few rules. First of all the device has to work -- don’t expect to sell that water-logged phone here. Secondly, it has to be your device; if you had it added to the lost/stolen list and then found it, that ESN is no longer good and it‘s technically not yours to sell. Cosmetic errors aren’t a big deal as long as you note it, so you’re probably good there.

Anyone looking to buy or sell a used Android device should check Swappa out. It’s a great place to do your business, especially considering some of the ads I’ve seen on Craigslist and such. Some people really don’t know what they’re talking about when it comes to Android phones and Swappa makes it easy for people who aren’t that familiar with all the lingo to accurately describe their device, sparing us of the headache.

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