Paramount Will Release 'The Tunnel' On BitTorrent For Free!

For years BitTorrent sites have been the place for movie and music pirates to go when they’re looking to score some free entertainment. Clearly, this is completely illegal and can get you in a lot of trouble. However, Paramount will apparently be throwing a soon to be released film up as a free BitTorrent download. What!?

Yep that’s right, the upcoming Australian film The Tunnel will make its world-wide debut as a free BitTorrent download rather than screening in a crowded brick-and-mortar cinema. The deal comes after the film’s producers started selling individual frames of the movie to get their budget together. It looks like they came up with enough cash and finally made the film.

Paramount scored distribution rights and will be selling a DVD at the same time the free download hits the web on May 19th. The DVD will feature over 2 hours of bonus features in an attempt to get people to buy the disc after they have already seen the movie for free. Sounds crazy, but I can honestly say that I have purchased DVDs after seeing the movie just because of bonus features or an extended cut. This really is the same kind of thing. Rather than going to the theater and paying to find out if you like the movie, you can just watch it free. When you’re done, if you like what you saw, you can head to the store and pick up the DVD.

It’s a first for the big movie industry and hopefully we’ll see some good come out of this. It’s too early to know for sure but, maybe things are beginning to change. I guess we’ll find out come May 19th. You can watch a trailer for The Tunnel here.

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