Kill Superman With Some DIY Kryptonite Candy!

Everyone knows it only takes a little bit of Kryptonite to slow down the Man of Steel. As soon as he gets close to it he'll start feeling the effects. So, if Superman's been giving you some trouble lately you’ll be happy to know we've stumbled upon a great DIY solution, Kryptonite candy!

Now obviously it’s not really Kryptonite, though they have found a mineral with a similar chemical composition according to the Superman Returns movie -- but it definitely looks like Kryptonite. It “glows” in UV or natural light and sports the unmistakable green color of the potent crystals. However, this Kryptonite comes from an Instructable by BrittLiv and is mostly composed of sugars to make for a sweet treat!

Apparently, BrittLiv is a chemical and biological engineering student who wanted to take some time off from the theoretical stuff and have some fun -- Kryptonite candy is what she ended up with. To get the classic glowing effect she threw in some Riboflavin (vitamin B2) since it happens to fluoresce a nice yellow under normal UV light -- green food coloring was added to top of the color scheme. To form the candy into crystal like shapes BrittLiv used quartz crystals and tin foil to make some molds. Then she poured the hot, glowing, sugar mess in and let it harden. Presto, Kryptonite candy!

As far as flavor goes, well I guess that would be up to whoever makes it, but BrittLiv used some mint oil which in my opinion fits pretty well the glowing green color. You can head over to Instructables right now to follow along with all the steps and make your own batch. Just please do us all a favor and wait until Supes goes home before you get started...we wouldn’t want you getting him sick, he has work to do!

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