The Punisher Probably Carries A Flash Drive Like This!

Another day, another flash drive. We’ve seen a lot of flash drives here at MTV Geek. Some are shaped like Batman and Star Wars characters while others are disguised as LEGO mini-figs. In fact, there’s so many out there it would be hard not to find one you like.

Everyone needs a flash drive, even our vigilante friends. Modeled after an S&W (that’s how you say Smith & Wesson without paying for it) revolver, this all-metal drive is ready to intimidate your USB ports right now and is without a doubt the exact same model the Punisher carries every day. Unlike some other “designer” flash drives; we can pick this one up at USBgeek for the surprisingly reasonable price of $23.

Sadly, the S&W Revolver USB drive only comes with a measly 4GBs of storage, but if you want the best in handgun digital storage this is the way to go. It’ll fit right in your pocket at 2.7” x 2” x .6” -- you’ll just have to make sure you don’t run it through any airport scanners. For some reason, those TSA people don’t really like it when we try to bring guns on the airplane.

It will work just like any other flash drive; plug it in that USB port and you can transfer data to your heart’s content. No drivers needed and it it’ll run plugged in to both Windows and Mac OS machines. Hopefully we’ll see one with a little more storage someday, but for now the 4GBs will have to do.

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