C2E2 2011: Costumes and Cosplay Madness!

One of the coolest things about comic book conventions is spotting so many fans dressed as famous (and infamous) pop-culture icons. Here's some of our faves from C2E2 this year:

I suppose the great "World's Finest"/Princess Bride team-up was inevitable...

Nothing gets between Deadpool and his JanSport.

It's a real shame Aronofsky's off the Wolverine sequel, I think he could have done a lot with this

Keith Richards gets another tat for his collection

Who you gonna call (if you're in Chicago)?

Aw geez, these guys again? They ruin everything.

On second thought, this would probably be more like Aronofsky's Wolverine film (plus maybe a big tree or screaming ballerina)

This is a reality show waiting to happen

Okay, I'm about to take the photo...smile and say 'kltpzyxm'!

Spider-Man: "Just Do It"

Isn't this how "Fear Itself" started?

Check out more pics of the crazily creative folks at C2E2 2011 below!

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