C2E2 2011: The Dynamite Entertainment Panel

Dynamite Entertainment President Nick Barrucci was on-hand along with editor Joe Rybandt, Elliott Serrano (Army of Darkness), Garth Ennis (The Boys and Jennifer Blood), John McCrea (The Boys), Jai Nitz (Kato: Origins), Phil Hester (Green Hornet), and Jesse Snider (top-secret project, read on to find out!) to talk about the publisher of Green Hornet and Vampirella's plans into 2011.

Here it all is in a nutshell:

* We'll see a new Flash Gordon series starting in August.

* Much like in yesterday's DC Nation panel, the fans were focusing on a classic superheroine's pants -- this time, Vampirella. A fan asked Barrucci: "will Vampirella ever be back in her original costume"? Barrucci then explained the origin of Vampy's pants:

"We gave her the pants because without them she became a totally T&A character, and there's just no story there." 

That said, he said we might see the return of her original pantsless costume by the end of the first arc, at least on a partial basis.

* Barrucci said he could neither confirm or deny the rumor that Kevin Smith might be working on a "Bionic Man" project with Dynamite. But he mentioned this a lot during the panel, soooo...

* Dynamite will be publishing the cult 90s character Evil Ernie again, as well as other Chaos Comics characters. Jesse Snider will script Evil Ernie. Barucci said next year they will publish Lady Demon and Purgatori as well, but didn't want to rush the roll-out of these Chaos Comics revamps. Snider said that Evil Ernie will be approached in a different way in the past, and that readers might be surprised how intellectual it will be for an Evil Ernie comic book.

* We'll see a Voltron book in July/August

* We'll see more Project Superpowers in November/December

* It was leaked during the panel that writer J.T. Krul (Teen Titans) would be working on a Dynamite project

* Barrucci admitted that they went a little overboard with all the Green Hornet product earlier this year surrounding the movie: "...we inundated the market, retailers were overwhelmed. All the books were good, but we did too much."

* Elliot Serrano said that Army of Darkness's Ash will be "going through some changes" -- and that will include exploring what is it like to be the Chosen One not only to square off the Necronomicon, but against all evil everywhere. Also, elements of the Army of Darkness video game will find their way into the new series.

* Will we ever see Red Sonja and Conan team-up again? Barucci said that Dark Horse doesn't appear to be interested, though Dynamite would be up for it. He suggested fans wanting such a team-up write to Dark Horse.

* Warlord of Mars and Vampirella are some of Dynamite's hottest books right now in terms of sales growth.

* The Boys fans take note: there will be a Butcher miniseries starting in July drawn by Darick Robertson, in which we will see "why he is the way he is."

* Writer/Director Adam McKay (Anchorman, Talladega Nights) is attached and working on the script for the movie version of The Boys. According to Ennis, McKay is going for an R rating.

*Al Ewing (2000 AD) will be writing Jennifer Blood when it switches from a miniseries to an ongoing starting with issue #7.

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