C2E2 2011: The Cartoon Network 'Firebreather' Panel

Phil Hester and Andy Kuhn's Firebreather made the successful leap from comics to animation last year -- and according to Cartoon Network's special Firebreather panel at C2E2 today, there might be more plans to come for everyone's favorite half-human, half-Kaiju!

The room was filled with adult and kid fans of Firebreather, and were treated to a visit from Firebreather co-creator Hester, as well as an advance screening of some of the special features from the animated film's DVD/Blu-ray launching March 22nd. Afterwards, Hester took questions from the audience, and biggest question on people's minds was -- will there be a new Firebreather movie TV series in the future?

"I know they (Cartoon Network) are talking about it now, and they will come to a decision very soon," said Hester. The rep from Cartoon Network also recommended that fans who want to see more of animated Firebreather should let them know through posting on CN's Facebook, Twitter, and website.

When asked about possible Firebreather action figures, Hester remarked, "That would be a great idea...it's how I get paid."

And Hester reassured the comic book fans in the audience that "no matter what happens to the movies, there's always going to be new Firebreather comics."

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