It's Sooki, Wait We Mean Snooki!

It's time to bring you another 'what if the Jersey Shore made it into comics' cover from our MTV Comics creators!  Here Beowulf Jones creators David Tischman and Todd Harris take a stab at what Snooki and Deena might look like coming from the pages of the True Blood comic!  The concept was only natural as we hear people mistakenly use "Snooki" when referring to True Blood's Sooki all the time around the office.  And if you didn't know already, David Tischman is best known for his supernatural and vampire comics, most notably DC's Bite Club, IDW's Angel, and, you guessed it, the True Blood series!

Check below for any of the covers you may have missed and be sure to stop by next week as a former cast member returns from the dead courtesy of an artist you might not yet associate with MTV Comics but soon will!

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