Stereolizer Turns The iPad Into An Old-School Cassette Player!

A new app called Stereolizer wants to take us back to the 80’s by transforming our iPad into a classic stereo cassette player! Do you remember cassettes? That’s what we used to listen to music on before CDs came out. I can remember sitting in front of my stereo for hours waiting for that one song to finally come on, only to hit the record button a few seconds late -- and I can’t wait to do it again.

That’s exactly what Stereolizer wants us to do. As soon as you open the app on your iPad, you will instantly be reminded of that old stereo. Aside from the new Facebook and Twitter buttons that were obviously not available at the time, they have done a great job recreating the old tape player radio we all remember. Just like you did back in the day, you’ll have to very carefully spin the dial to your favorite radio station (you can cheat by tapping on the station if you want) and hit record. When the song you wanted is finished, you can save it and even label a virtual tape for playback whenever you choose.

The app gives you over 6,000 different radio stations to choose from and really brings back some of the fun music has lost since the digital takeover. The app does a great job bringing back the mixtape I know you all miss. After you record a few songs you can arrange them in any you’d like on your virtual tape and then play it back. I can’t stress how well they have done; the stop, rewind and fast-forward buttons work just like they should and even the sound effects for button clicks sound perfect. For $2 any music lover would be foolish not to grab this app! It’s available right now from the App Store!

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