Retro Style Toaster Wakes You Up With A Toasty Message!

Mornings are typically the same routine day in and day out. You wake up, start the coffee pot and probably have some toast or something to go along with it. Doesn’t that get boring? The same toast and coffee every morning can’t be a very exciting part of you day but, what if your toast could talk to you? Send you messages about how it feels or what’s coming next? Well, the evil overlords at ThinkGeek have found a way.

The new Pop Art Toaster comes in retro style with the ugliest teal-blue-green paint job we’ve seen since grandma replaced the rest of her home appliances. It’s even got the stainless steel accents we remember from days long ago. However, that’s not what makes this toaster so great. We were talking about how boring and repetitive our actual morning toast is, and that’s where things get really interesting.

Similar to the Star Wars toaster we've mentioned before -- that one burns an image of Darth Vader’s evil mug on every slice -- this throwback has a toast imprinting scheme of its own. However, rather than throwing a Sith Lord on your slice, this toaster writes one of two phrases; “Bite Me” just to make sure you’re awake and know what you’re supposed to do next, or “Ugh” to let you know you’re not the only feeling that way this morning.

Just to top off the geeky morning, this toaster comes with a special gift. A USB powered coffee cup warmer that matches the toaster perfectly! You can find the Pop Art Toaster at ThinkGeek right now. It will set you back about $45, but we can’t think of a geekier way to start your morning. Oh, by the way, if grandma is coming over for breakfast, you can take the stencil out and have civilized toast.

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