Marvel Comics Serves Up Andi Watson's '15 Love'

If you want a break from the capes and tights and guns and cosmic-type things, check out the tennis comic book 15 Love from Marvel Comics. A never-before-seen 3-issue miniseries by Skeleton Key/Buffy The Vampire Slayer's Andi Watson and artist Tommy Ohtsuka, each issue will be a whopping 56 pages long and chronicle the coming of age story of Mill Collins and her quest to be a tennis champion. Take your first look at preview pages for 15 Love #1 below, and then read on for more details about the book debuting in June!

Official Press Release:

Marvel Serves Up 15 LOVE

This July, get ready to say game, set, match for 15 Love #1 (of 3) – a never before seen, giant-size story from acclaimed writer Andi Watson (Skeleton Key, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and artist Tommy Ohtsuka! Mill Collins is about to learn that life is anything but a piece of cake when the length of your high school career depends on the strength of your serve! But when Mill’s slipping grades threaten to steal away her scholarship from the exclusive Wayde Tennis Academy, she’ll have to look for help from the most unlikely coach to climb her way back up the bracket and into the record books!

“The story Andi’s put together is a terrific one—the story of underdog Mill Collins and her quest to prove that she can make a name for herself doing the one thing she loves most of all—playing tennis,” said Marvel Editor Jordan White. “The characters are real and really draw you in—even if you know nothing about tennis, you know what it’s like to fight for a dream.”

It’s 56 pages of high-stakes sports action, larger than life ambitions and a coming-of-age comedy starting this July in 15 Love #1 (of 3)!

15 LOVE #1 (of 3)

Written by ANDI WATSON



Rated A …$4.99


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