More Female Trekkies Than Male, According To New Survey

A blog called Subspace Communique recently released the findings from a survey of 5,041 Star Trek fans it conducted in 2010 -- and the results might surprise you! For starters, 57% of the fans were female! Here's some other findings:

  • The respondents were mostly single, over 40, and well-educated.
  • 43% referred to themselves as "Trekkies."
  • 79% said they were involved in Star Trek fandom because they agreed with the philosophical ideals of the shows.
  • Fellow fan behavior considered by the interviewees to be "deviant" were was follows: Unable to tell reality from fantasy (89%); considers Star Trek "their whole world" (67%); indulging in cosplay (47%); referring to oneself as a character name or taking on a "rank" (39%); producing fan films (13%); playing in themed music bands (4%).

You can read more results from the survey, which was conducted by Daryl Frazetti, here!

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