Three Angry Birds iPad 2 Cases On Their Way From Gear4!

Gear4 already has quite the collection of Angry Birds accessories. Whether you want a case for your iPhone 4 or that new 4th Gen. iPod Touch they’ve definitely got you covered. Now, in light of Apple’s recent iPad 2 launch, it looks like they’ve designed more Angry Birds cases, and they’re looking pretty good.

The new Angry Birds iPad 2 cases come in three different designs, all of which sport favorite characters from the beloved mobile game. First up is the Family Shot, this case has the birds facing off with pigs in the same manner they are when we first launch the game. The next case is similar to Gear4’s iPhone and iPod Touch cases and is simply called Red Bird. It features an all red design with two red birds plastered across the entire case. Lastly there is the Pig King Vs. Red Bird case and I would have to say this is my personal favorite. It features a red bird facing off against the Pig King in what reminds me of the opening Vs. screen in several fighting games -- mostly Street Fighter. Those two look like they're ready to tear it up!

The cases are made of durable plastic and leave spaces so we can get to our brand new iPad 2’s buttons. Obviously, there are also empty spaces for the iPad 2’s enlarged rear speaker, the new cameras and the SIM card slot on 3G models. Sadly there’s no screen protection here and the cases come with a not so friendly price tag. You’ll have to drop about $65 once it’s all said and done but, I guess that’s the price we have to pay to show off our mobile gaming obsession.

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