Android Hexcode Rug Is Perfect For Any Fan's Home Or Office!

Finding a rug that would best suit your home or office can be quite the task. There are so many to choose from yet, whenever we look there is never one that we really want. Thankfully, if you’re a geek like us Dyzplastic (those guys that make the Android collectible figurines) have recently unveiled the perfect rug for you or any Android fan. It’s the Android Hexcode rug and it sports a cute little Android Hexcode robot!

The rug measures 33” in diameter but, DeadZebra says those dimensions may vary an inch or so because they are hand finished right here in the USA. To top it off, DyzPlastic says the colors are perfectly matched to the actual collectible this rug was inspired by! It also has a nice black vinyl back to stay put on wood floors and such and it would be quite the conversation piece for the office. I personally think it would look great under my coffee table, but that’s just me being the Android fan I am. It’s really surprising how popular this little robot mascot has become. Whether it’s a t-shirt, a poster or a collectible figurine; Android fans have all the green robots they can deal with these days, and we‘re surely not complaining!

This ultra-geeky rug won’t be available until March 20th, but if you’re eager to get your greasy little fingers on one, or just can’t wait to spill coffee on it for the first time, they are offering a preorder order option right now. You’ll have to drop about $140 if you want your own, but you’ll be the envy of every Android fan on your block and you know you would enjoy that.

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