MTV Geek Video: Charles Soule Talks 'Twenty-Seven'

MTV Geek caught up with "Twenty-Seven" writer Charles Soule at Emerald City Comicon, and he chatted with us about "The Curse of 27," how the comic is set up like a concert, and guitar chord Easter Eggs:

"I thought it would be neat to put these little things hidden in the book, on pages that are related to the number on pages that are multiples of 9 there are guitar symbols hidden within the page gutters, and those symbols can be turned into a code. The first person to solve that code, I'll do something nice for."

Soule also discussed how they designed the covers for Twenty-Seven, each cover based on a different musician, such as Kurt Cobain, blues musician Robert Johnson, and Jimi Hendrix -- and, exclusively to MTV Geek, about cool new round of covers for the "second set" of "Twenty-Seven" that will focus on One-Hit-Wonders! Check out the clips below to get all the scoop!

Charles Soule on Twenty-Seven:

ECCC 2011: Charles Soule On Outliving "The Twenty-Seven" Club

Charles Soule on Twenty-Seven's Covers:

ECCC 2011: Charles Soule Talks Twenty-Seven's Cover Designs

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