The Daily Geek 3/9: Plastic Man in 127 Hours, 'She Don't Like Firefly' and more!

On This Day In Geek History: The Barbie doll makes its debut at the American International Toy Fair in New York (1959)

What if Plastic Man starred in "127 Hours?" Artist Franceso Francavilla has the answer:

Over at Buzzfeed, they have finally figured out why the star of the hit animated movie "Rango" looks so familiar:

If the media hype over Charlie Sheen is interfering with your Geek online browsing, why not use "Tinted Sheen" to remove any accidental Sheeness you might stumble across? See, if you were using it right now, you wouldn't even be reading this.

The folks over at National Geographic have built an actual working "Up" balloon house, and you can watch the filming of the project on the new National Geographic Channel series "How Hard Can it Be?," premiering in fall 2011.

And our video of the day is about a geek girl who just didn't like "Firefly" --


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