A Tale Of Two New Comic 'Magazines' - Wizard World Digital and the New TCJ.com

Two new digital versions of familiar publications about comic books debuted recently: Wizard World Digital and The Comics Journal. Let's take a quick look at each:

Wizard World Digital: This is basically a digital mashup in PDF format of Wizard Magazine and Toyfare that you can read for free on your computer or iPad-like device.

The Awesome: Focusing on a wide variety of different types of comics (Image's Who Is Jake Ellis? is featured on the cover), Wizard World Digital brings together some of the features of the old magazine I liked (I'm a fan of those wacky "Robot Chicken" type action figures with the word-balloons, I admit it) with a more broader focus on comics today (such as the aforementioned "Ellis," Top Shelf, a spotlight on digital comics, and an "In Memoriam" for Dwayne McDuffie) than the former print version.

The Not-as-Awesome: Please no more pictures of people on toilets. This is why I escape to the fantasy world of comics, to avoid this.

The Comics Journal (TCJ.com): A revamped, more contemporary design of the previous TCJ.com, which of course was based on the classic print magazine of comics and comics criticism, The Comics Journal.

The Awesome: These are going to be some of the most in-depth, intelligent articles on various aspects of the graphic storylelling medium that you will ever read. First up: a look at the battle for Frank Frazetta's legacy, The ABCs of Auto Bio Comix, and an exclusive preview of Seth's upcoming book from Fantagraphics. Plus: a huge archive from The Comics Journal print version to access via reprints/reposts on the site and subscriptions.

The Not-So-Awesome: By "in-depth" I mean: some of these articles are really really long! Which in the fast-fast world of the Internet can be, and is, refreshing. But they would work much better (at least for me) on a reading device like an iPad or the like rather than my desktop or laptop so I can really curl up and enjoy reading them.

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