The Daily Geek 3/4: Save Our Geek TV Shows, X-Men Sixteen Candles, and more!

Geek Birthdays: Comic book artist Simon Bisley (1962)

Save Our Geek Shows Part 14: There is a page devoted to saving "No Ordinary Family" from cancellation, urging people to sign an online petition to keep it on the air. This joins campaigns to save shows like "Fringe" and "Lie To Me."

Artist Bill Walko drew this nifty X-Men/John Hughes mash-up "Xteen Candles" --

Urlesque takes a look at the favorite breakfast cereals of yesteryear with "54 Cereals We Loved And Lost" --


If you think lectures on computer security are too boring and don't contain enough "win," try the upcoming book "Kawaii Security" by Sansai Books. "Kawaii Security" promises to use cute manga personifications of 30 common Internet viruses and will also contain a pin-up, the original manga “Security senshi Hikari,” and a trial CD for Panda Internet Security.


This t-shirt design, found on The Obscure Gentlemen site, needs no introduction:


And our video of the day is "Wonder Woman Getting Locked Out Of The Invisible Plane"


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