Marvel's Next Big Thing: 'X-Men: Legacy' With Mike Carey

Marvel’s being especially coy about developments in upcoming issues of the X-books, with yesterday’s "X-Men: Legacy" call which included writer Mike Carey being no exception. Based on the call, I can say confidently that Age of X will somehow affect "X-Men: Legacy" and furthermore, Marvel will continue publishing "X-Men: Legacy" — the line’s top-selling X-book—for the foreseeable future.

I kid, I kid. But seriously, Carey and his editors were pretty tight-lipped about upcoming events in the series save to reveal that it will become a team-centric title focused on Rogue, notable given that she’ll be responsible for the island nation of Utopia. In fact, the next 7 or 8 months of stories will deal with characters like Magneto, Professor X and Gambit who have wandered in and out of the series over the last couple of years. During the course of the call, Carey actually noted that "X-Men: Legacy" along with "New Mutants" will be the two titles most affected by the outcome of AoX.

But again, what that means is anyone’s guess.

2011 actually marks 5 years of Carey on "X-Men: Legacy," a series which actually began as a sort of flashback/retcon title where Professor X attempted to restore some of his lost memories after being shot by Bishop. Gradually, the focus shifted over to Rogue who lost, then regained her powers, ultimately mastering them.

With the new team setup as of this summer’s issue #250, Carey will be exploring some of what he calls the “loaded relationships” in the group: from father and son (Xavier and Legion) to romantic (the Magneto/Gambit/Rogue triangle) while digging through the baggage of the cast, all under the remit of the quote that adorned the recent teaser image for the series: “We will not let the past define our future.”

Carey was willing to divulge that past #250, the new team will be going up against a new villain called Styx as part of an arc called “The Orpheus Effect”—but again, telling us more beyond that would have been, you know, telling.

As with details about future stories, the team was also unwilling to talk much about future artists on the book, save to announce that Rafa Sandoval will be joining the series with #250.

If there’s one thread that seems to be linking all of what marvel is calling the “Year of the X-Men,” it’s that it’s mysterious. We don’t know much about what’s coming, but Marvel promises it’ll be big.

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