Review: DC Universe Classics Jonah Hex Shoots Down Competition

Just how tough is this action figure of Jonah Hex?!  So, gall-darn tough that it makes us wanna talk like 1890s prospectors and chug whiskey ‘til our stomachs melt, that’s how tough!  However, we’re not gonna do that, cause it’d be awfully off-putting and we’d like you to keep reading these things!  Jonah Hex is part of Wave 16 of Mattel’s DC Universe Classics, and is one of the best figures to be released so far.  What’s that? You don’t think so?!  Well, if this were the Old West, we’d have just gunned you down in a fit of rage right there in the dusty street; but, this is 2011 so we’re just going to delve right into the review – consider yourselves lucky!

As a child, Jonah hex was sold by his father to an Apache chieftain and trained in the Apache ways of war. When the chief’s son challenged Jonah to a ritual tomahawk duel, Jonah broke the rules and the tribe punished him by searing his face with a red-hot tomahawk. Cast out, hideously scarred, and utterly alone, Hex rode west to make a living as a bounty hunter. He became a fugitive’s worst nightmare.

In a toyline known for creative re-use, Jonah Hex stands out with an all new sculpt courtesy of those action figure masters, the Four Horsemen. Thanks to Hex’s wardrobe, and the utter lack of any other gunfighting bounty hunters in the DCUC line, this stone-cold killer is highly detailed and is able to match his comic book appearance more closely than some of his peers. The head sculpt is the most striking feature. His face, when viewed on his left side, matches the usual heroic style that fits in with the rest of the DCUCs. However, from the right, Hex’s infamous scar is shown full-on, from his bulging eye to his exposed teeth and tattered skin. His cavalry hat sits low over his face at just the right angle to shade his visage from unwanted onlookers. The rest of his uniform is appropriately torn and wrinkled. Looks like lots of fightin’ and not enough ironing going on in the old west, that’s for damn sure! Hex has some highly detailed pieces that really add to his figure and all have superb texturing, such as his bandolier, CSA belt buckle, and spurs on his boots.

Once again, Jonah Hex kills his competition thanks to his paint. For the most part, Jonah is molded in his correct colors, but every part still has at least one paint app! Lots of drybrushing has been employed to bring out the sculpt while also giving the figure a weathered look – and it totally pays off. Hex’s face has obviously garnered the most attention. The effect of fading colors to separate his healthy skin from his scar tissue is coupled with a shiny gloss used for his horrifically exposed gums. Hex does suffer from the same ailment as other recent DCUC figures: Severe Looking Upward Syndrome. Lucky for Hex, it works in his favor when tilting his head down, causing him to look even more intimidating. There are various small buttons and pins throughout his uniform, and all are painted minus any slop on the figure we reviewed. Hex has possibly one of the best paintjobs we’ve ever seen on a DC universe Classics figure. In fact, we currently can’t think of one that’s better.

Hex manages to have less articulation in a Wave known primarily for its use of added articulation. He does manage to come away with a ball-joint head (with limited upward movement due to his hair), swivel/hinge shoulders (limited due to the sculptural details), hinged elbows, swivel wrists, swivel waist, swivel/hinge hips, swivel thighs, hinged knees, and hinged ankles. It’s kind of odd that most of the characters in Wave 16 have double-hinged elbows and knees, but not Hex, no sir! It’s not the biggest of problems, although he could have benefitted from some swivel/hinge wrists in order to better aim his firearms. The biggest piece of articulation missing here is the torso hinge (a.k.a. ab crunch). While this would have broken up the sculpt, it would have allowed for more posing options for this guy who’s almost always doubled over from gunshots or stab wounds at some point in each issue of his book.

Jonah Hex is packaged with two accessories. One is his trusty revolver, and the other is a sawed-off shotgun. Both are made for killin’, but both are made from soft, soft, SOFT plastic! Other than their tendency towards warping, the sculpting is well done on both guns. The revolver seems too small when in his hand, but oddly enough, is too large for the holster and tends to fall out constantly. Thankfully, his badass shotgun stays snugly on his back when not in use. Jonah also comes with the left leg of the Collect & Connect figure of Bane. It’s a leg, what more can we say?

This figure of Jonah Hex is almost perfect. He’s also an example of why we love the DC Universe Classics line so much: the variety! With theme waves coming up soon, we hope that Mattel can still sneak in these more obscure characters like Hex, and the previously released Kamandi, on a regular basis. Be sure to track this bounty hunter down for yourself as reports are starting to come in of DCUC Wave 16 hitting store shelves now.

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