Crossovers We Want To See: Green Hornet and First Wave

Welcome to Crossovers We Want to See, a fairly self-explanatory recurring feature in which we pitch the meeting of a pair of characters or teams from different comic companies. Playing editor, we'll dream up writer and artist combinations and basic story points.

First Wave & Green Hornet: "Pulped"

Written by Brian Azzarello & Kevin Smith, drawn by Howard Porter

DC's First Wave pocket universe might not be long for this world, but its combination of classic and pulp superheroes like The Spirit and Doc Savage along with different versions of Batman and the Blackhawks had a lot going for it that should stay in the backs of minds for a while. Perhaps a big crossover will help things out. With Green Hornet back in the consciousness thanks to the flick of the same name and the well regarded comic written by Kevin Smith and Phil Hester along with Dynamite's other books in the series, it seems like the absolute perfect combination of heroes, especially considering the similar looks of Green Hornet and The Spirit (suits, ties, hats and domino masks all around). Mixing in all the other characters and throwing them up against some hand-wringing evil scientists with giant monsters and robots at their behest would be the best way to utilize all the characters involved.

Speaking of utilization, we'd get Brian Azzarello and Kevin Smith in a room, have them hash out a plot and see what happens. With Hornet, Smith wrote the original screenplay and then Hester wove it into a comic book script. After that, the pages were passed to Smith who made dialog and other appropriate changes. If it worked for that book, why not here? Getting Howard Porter on this book would also be a pretty amazing get, he's familiar with some of the characters thanks to his work on the First Wave spin off book Doc Savage and he's a longtime favorite who should draw everything!

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