The (Yellow Brick Road) To Emerald City Comicon: Kracklefest, James Marsters, Boom! Studios, and more!

If you're in Seattle for Emerald City Comicon this weekend, why not buy a ticket for Kracklefest on Saturday March 5th? Playing at the Hard Rock Cafe will be of coures "nerd rock" band Kirby Krackle, as well as Adam WarRock and H2Awesome. James Marsters (Spike from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" as well as countless other roles) will also be performing a rare solo performance on Saturday night at Hard Rock -- and buying a ticket to his show automatically gets you into Kracklefest! Don't forget to see Marsters at ECCC this weekend as well, along with fellow "Buffy" alums Nicholas Brendon and Claire Kramer!

Meanwhile, get a free Oni Press/Adam WarRock "Mixtape" featuring 20 songs inspired by Oni's books and creators at the official Adam WarRock site!

In other Emerald City Comicon news, Boom! Studios will be having a star-studded line-up of comic creators at the show, including Mark Waid, Chris Roberson, and Peter Krause. They will also be offering exclusive "Get-A-Sketch" covers for "The Muppet Show," "Cars," and "Darkwing Duck" that you can have their artists "customize" at the show!

Stay tuned at MTV Geek for more updates on the road to Emerald City Comicon! (you can purchase tickets at this link)

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