NECA Toys' Crysis 2 Nanosuit Figure Review

After touring NECA’s booth at this year’s Toy Fair, our yearning to own their figure of the Nanosuit 2 from Crysis 2, was just too much. Practically moments after the show was over for the day, we made our way to the Times Square Toys R’ Us and began scouring the shelves for this super-articulated piece of awesome! He was hidden away in the video game section (fitting we suppose), and we came away from that den of plastic one alien-killin’-badass richer!

This figure is based on Alcatraz, the main character in Crysis 2. He’s a member of Marine Force Recon and is assisting in driving out the alien invaders from the Big Apple. The suit allows for augmented strength, speed, and cloaking; while, the helmet gives various fields of vision and upped hearing. This version of the suit is an upgraded version of the one worn by Nomad in the first Crysis game.

The sculpt on this figure looks spot-on with everything we’ve seen from the game. From the helmet’s opaque lenses to the joints on the gloves, NECA has made sure the Nanosuit 2 is extremely accurate. Every fibrous element of the suit is here and it looks as if it belongs right there in the heart of New York City, gunning down mechs and ripping the throats out of alien soldiers!

NECA can be hit or miss in the paint department. With their extremely detailed paint apps, a lot of their figures suffer from human error at the factory. Thankfully, that’s not a problem with Alcatraz! He’s actually molded in most of his correct colors, with some silver details and drybrushing here and there. Small spots of yellow help set off the sculpt, and is all in all a great looking toy. There were a couple of spots where the silver overlapped the lines, but on a figure this size, it wasn't as noticeable unless right up on it... like in these photos.

The articulation is where this figure really shines! In fact, we recommend you pick this bastard up simply on his range of movement alone! We’re gonna try to list ‘em, but there are so many that we might miss a few: ball-joint head, swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel biceps, hinge elbows, ball-joint wrists, hinge pecs (unexpected, right?), ball-joint torso, swivel/hinge hips, swivel thighs, double-hinge knees, hinge ankles, mid-foot swivel, & toe hinge. Yep, this guy has 2 points of articulation in his friggin’ feet! All of the joints on our figure are tight and move smoothly without feeling like they’re gonna get all loose and useless on us.

The figure comes packaged with one solitary accessory: the SCAR rifle. Granted, it has a grenade launcher attached to the lower rail, but Alcatraz could have benefited from a few various other weapons. The assault rifle features no paint apps, but is molded in a metal-flaked gunmetal gray plastic that is extremely stiff. No worries about the gun being warped in the package on this one, folks!

As it is, the Nanosuit 2 figure is definitely one of NECA’s most pose-able figures, on par with their TMNT line. If you’re a fan of the game, or just cool toys in general, you’re going to want to grab this guy up. That’s right, cut open his plastic prison and let that “NECA smell” waft around the room as you pose Alcatraz in whatever battle-stance you can imagine!

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